Community Volunteer Opportunities

  • If you are interested in any of hte areas below, please contact Amanda Harmer, Career Facilitator at 815-206-2217 ( 

    Career Presenters 

    Our Career Centers are evolving rapidly! We are looking to have career representatives come in and talk to our students about what they do. Students will be able to sign up to come in and listen to a 45 minute presentation and question/answer session. We also need Career Presenters to come in to our classrooms. If a more formal setting is what works best for you, we have a spot! Being a Unit District, we have the ability to impart career knowledge to students of all ages. We encourage speakers to talk to our Kindergarteners and our AP Biology classes alike. Want to get involved or have any questions?

    Job Shadowing

    Junior Job Shadowing Day is one day when juniors spend time with a professional in the area they are interested in pursuing. Typically the day lasts 6-8 hours and the students partake in a regular day at work with the professional. Whether attending meetings, doing hands on activities, or asking questions about the career, this day provides and opportunity for students to narrow down their interests. Our hope is that the students are able to identify if this is the right path for them and if they want to pursue further training in the area they shadowed. Seniors who are unsure of what to major in at college also have the opportunity to job shadow to help them find the answer. Similar to the Junior Job Shadowing Day, seniors will need to complete an application, teacher permission form, and parent permission form. The day will be anywhere from 3-8 hours with the professional learning more about what they do.


    Reality Store

    The Reality Store is a chance for eighth grade students to experience life as a 25 year old. Students choose an occupation and receive a paycheck with a month’s salary. They then have to budget their money well enough to pay for their housing, transportation, childcare, groceries, utilities, insurance, clothing, student loans, and if they still have money left over, they contribute to charity. Volunteers interact with students during the exchange of money when they pay their bills. We are always looking for community members and parents to help with this event. Each event also has a guest speaker who comes in and talks about finding the perfect career to provide a path to life-long happiness.