• Navigating High School

    Throughout the month of October, freshmen meet with their school counselors to discuss important aspects of navigating high school, such as learning about graduation requirements, calculating their GPA, etc. They also sketched out a 4 Year Plan of high school classes based on your child's post-secondary career goals. Please ask your child about this meeting and discuss the courses they are thinking of taking in the years to come.

    Course Selection for next year

    In mid-November the school counselors will be meeting with freshmen during their English classes to finalize their Course Selection for 10th grade. Before Course Selection, student will hear from their teachers about course offerings during C^3 Day (Curriculum, College & Careers), and they are encouraged to talk with parents, siblings and teachers about possible course options. They will choose classes with their counselor and then bring home their list to discuss with you and make any adjustments. Parents are asked to sign the form and have their child return it to the Student Services Office.
    Please contact your child's counselor with any questions.
    CLICK HERE for a guided video about the Course Selection Process.

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    Xello Career Exploration

    In April, counselors will work with Freshmen in English classes to explore career interests and options. More information to follow.