• Welcome Sophomores!!

    Course Selection for next year

    In early December, the school counselors will be meeting with sophomores during their PE and Health classes to finalize their Course Selection for 11th grade. Before Course Selection, students will hear from their teachers about course offerings during C^3 Day (Curriculum, College & Careers), and they are encouraged to talk with parents, siblings and teachers about possible course options. Please have them choose their classes through their PowerSchool portal. They will finalize their classes in one-on-one meetings with their counselor online.
    Please contact your child's counselor with any questions.

    Follow the steps on the Course Requests for Next Year tab to prepare for the meeting with the counselor.


    ISAC Presentation

    The Financial Aid Process Presentation (45 minutes – 1 hour presentation) Sept. 28, virtual starting at 6pm
    This session outlines the general financial aid process and provides insight on how financial aid works, how to apply for it, student eligibility, and how it can be used to help pay for college. It introduces the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) along with summarizing state and federal aid programs among other topics.

    Post High School Planning Curriculum - check out the activities that students will explore to plan for their futures.


    Xello Career Exploration (find the Xello link under wcusd200.org bookmarks)

    In February, counselors worked with Sophomores to further explore the world-of-work through a presentation and the Xello online Career Exploration program. They completed on online career intereste inventory and explored majors through the Program Pospects lesson. Students are encouraged to return to Xello often and complete more grade-level lessons to help them plan for life after high school.