• Current Students - How to request a transcript:

    Have your signed Records Release form on file in the WHS Student Services Office. If you don't have one, the link is below.

    Complete the form, take a picture of it with your phone and email it to Mrs. Zingrone  or mail it to the address listed below.

    • Email your request to Mrs. Zingrone 

    • Call Mrs. Zingrone at 815-206-2252   Office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

    • Use your Xello account to request transcripts sent to a college/university. 

    • School Day SAT scores are included on your transcript. If you want to add an additonal SAT or ACT score to your transcript, please complete this form and return it to Mrs. Zingrone


    Alumni - How to request a transcript:

    • Call or email Mrs. Zingrone at 815-206-2252 or to make sure you have a signed Records Release form on file in the WHS Student Services Office and to request and pay the $5 fee for each transcript requested. Payment can be made with credit or debit card.

    • Mail your request. If you are ordering a transcript by mail, please include the following information:

    •  Name, as it was when you graduated or attended, and married name if applicable.
    •  Year graduated or last year attended.
    •  Address where you would like the transcript sent.
    •  Signed Records Release form
    •  Include $5 cash or check/money order made payable to Woodstock High School.

                     Mail your request to:

                     Woodstock High School 
                     Attn: M. Zingrone, Registrar  
                     501 W South St
                     Woodstock, IL 60098

    While current students receive copies of their transcript at no cost, there is a $5 fee for each transcript sent for alumni.  

    **If a transcript is needed by current students or alumni on the same day a $10.00 fee will be charged.

    Same day request are pending available personnel. Transcripts are usually ready within 48 hours of the request.   


    Click here for the Records Release Form. Download and complete the form. Please either return by mail, scan or take a picture with your phone and email to 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melinda Zingrone, the WHS Registrar and Student Services Secretary.

    Melinda Zingrone
    Phone: 815-206-2252
    Fax: 815-337-1807

    Click here for a copy of the Woodstock High School Profilewhich is often requested by colleges.