Extracurricular Activities at WNHS

  • Participation in extracurricular activities enables a student to develop leadership qualities, make new friends, learn leisure time activities, pursue special interests, and just have fun!  Along the left side bar is a representative list, along with the sponsor(s) and meetings dates/times when in school, of the various activities presented to the student body on an annual basis.

    Every student is encouraged to select one or more of the activities in which to actively participate. However, since the primary purpose of high school is to promote scholastic achievement, a student is advised to select activities wisely and to budget his/her time effectively. There are activities that provide for (1) an extension of interest aroused in the classroom, (2) an opportunity to develop special interests and abilities, and (3) social and service activities in the school and community.  Please see the pages listed to the left for some of the many activities offered at WNHS.