Woodstock School District 200

Prairiewood & Mary Endres Students to Attend TECH 2017 Conference in Springfield

Two Woodstock District 200 classes have been selected as participants in the TECH 2017 Students for the Information Age event which will be held on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield.  Nearly 100 schools will be represented from throughout the state of Illinois.  Students will demonstrate for the public and elected members of the Illinois State Senate and House of Representatives how technology is being used in the classroom to increase student engagement and improve achievement. The conference highlights the crucial role that technology plays in education – ranging from increases in collaboration and critical thinking, to promoting learning beyond the limits of the school day. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Illinois Secretary of Education Beth Purvis are two of the featured guest speakers.

Taking part from District 200 are 5th graders from Jennifer Bigler’s Dual Language class at Prairiewood Elementary; and 2nd grade Dual Language students from Mary Endres Elementary with their teachers Kiera Parpart and Cristina Aguilar. Three Prairiewood students will travel to Springfield to present their project on “Genius Hour.” Genius hour allows students to explore learning passions using 21st century skills discovered in class.  Ms. Bigler stated, “Through this project, students have designed websites, animated videos, learned new languages, and taught each other with enthusiasm and collaboration!” 

Six of Ms. Parpart’s and Ms. Aguilar’s Mary Endres students will present on the use of digital student portfolios using a web-based program called Class Story on Class Dojo.  The portfolio allows students to take photos and write about their school work so that parents, teachers and classmates can see their work.  They can also share links to videos and other projects.
The purpose of TECH 2017 is to increase awareness of the critical role technology plays in preparing students to succeed in today’s world by offering students throughout Illinois an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative uses of technology while highlighting the need for increased funding to support equitable and meaningful access to educational technology. 

TECH 2017 is a not-for-profit initiative presented by Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) and is supported by a broad range of education and business organizations.