Woodstock School District 200

Excellence in D200

In District 200, student achievement is our #1 priority.  Examples of student success occur every day in every school and in every classroom across the school district.  While it is impossible to list every accomplishment, the following pages describe some of the key outstanding achievements of our students, our staff and our school district.

The Points of Pride section lists the awards, recognition and unique features that distinguish District 200 as an outstanding school district.  The Board Recognition section lists all of the individuals and groups who have earned Certificates of Achievement from the Board of Education for accomplishments beyond the district level.  District 200 staff members who have been honored for going ‘above and beyond’ their traditional expectations and job responsibilities are featured in the Exemplary Employees section.  In the Honor Rolls section, the names of the middle and high school students who have met rigorous standards for academic achievement during a specific grading period are listed.