Woodstock School District 200


All District 200 employees with email addresses can be found in the following directories.

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  • If the employee's specific location is unknown, go to the Directory of Staff and click on "Entire District" for an alphabetical listing of employees at all locations.
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Note: Employees in district-level positions are listed under "Woodstock School District 200".

Directory of Schools

Directory of Departments

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Directory of Staff by Location

RKaminski@wcusd200.org (Rita Kaminski)Dean Street ElementaryDean Media Specialist815-338-1133
mkamphausen@wcusd200.org (Melody Kamphausen)Olson ElementaryOES Assoc. - Noon Hr815-338-0473
ckaporis@wcusd200.org (Christine Kaporis)Woodstock High SchoolWHS Assoc. - SPED to Individua815-338-4370
Jennifer KaschWoodstock North High SchoolWNHS Assoc. - SPED to Individu815-334-2100 
akaster@wcusd200.org (Ashley Kaster)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood 2nd Gr Tchr815-338-0473 
SKASZUBOWSKI@wcusd200.org (Susan Kaszubowski)Northwood Middle SchoolNWMS Registered Nurse815-338-4900
MKAUFMANN@wcusd200.org (Megan Kaufmann)Verda Dierzen Early Learning CenterDierzen Assoc-SPED Clss (grnt)815-338-8883
NKearfott@wcusd200.org (Nicolas Kearfott)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Athletic Director815-334-2100
skearfott@wcusd200.org (Stephanie Kearfott)Verda Dierzen Early Learning CenterDierzen Assoc-PreK Cls (gr1)815-338-8883 
SKeckhaver@wcusd200.org (Stacy Keckhaver)Westwood ElementaryCertif Occup Therapist Ass't815-338-0473
AKEISLING@wcusd200.org (Anthony Keisling)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS German Teacher815-334-2100
CKEOGH-BAKER@wcusd200.org (Christine Keogh-baker)Woodstock High SchoolWHS English Teacher815-338-4370
kkeppen@wcusd200.org (Kelly Keppen)Northwood Middle SchoolNWMS 6th Gr Lang Arts Tchr815-338-4900
BKERLEY@wcusd200.org (Bethany Kerley)Prairiewood ElementaryPWE 3rd Gr Dual (English) Tchr815-337-5300
Deandra KeyesVerda Dierzen Early Learning CenterDierzen Kids Club Supv Assoc815-338-8883
mekim@wcusd200.org (Megan Kim)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Band Teacher815-334-2100
MKim@wcusd200.org (Michael Kim)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS English Teacher815-338-4370
Elyse KlabundeGreenwood ElementaryGreenwood Assoc. - SPED to Ind815-337-5300 
jklemm@wcusd200.org (Jodi Klemm)Woodstock School District 200Physical Therapist Ass't815-337-5146
Gabriel KlinefelterMary Endres ElementaryEndres Kids Club Assoc815-337-8177 
jklinefelter@wcusd200.org (Jamie Klinefelter)Westwood ElementaryWestwood Kids Club Supv Assoc.815-337-8173
jklinker@wcusd200.org (Julie Klinker)Northwood Middle SchoolNWMS Assoc.- PreK Clss (G)815-338-4900
MKnaack@wcusd200.org (Michelle Knaack)Woodstock High SchoolWHS Spec Ed CC Teacher815-338-4370
cknopik@wcusd200.org (Cory Knopik)Prairiewood ElementaryPrairie Life Skills Tchr815-337-5300
kknutson@wcusd200.org (Kimberly Knutson)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood Assoc. - SPED Class815-337-5300 
SKochan@wcusd200.org (Sharon Kochan)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood Speech/Language Path815-648-2606
LKockler@wcusd200.org (Lois Kockler)Woodstock School District 200Technology Support Technician815-338-4370
SKOCKLER@wcusd200.org (Suzanne Kockler)Northwood Middle SchoolNWMS Music Tchr815-338-4900
jkoehn@wcusd200.org (Jennifer Koehn)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood Spec Ed Resource Tch815-337-5200
JKoeser@wcusd200.org (Jennifer Koeser)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS Phy Ed Tchr815-337-5200
PKohley@wcusd200.org (Paige Kohley)Northwood Middle SchoolNWMS Phy Ed Tchr815-338-4900
JKohl@wcusd200.org (John Kohl)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Counselor815-334-2100
MKoleno@wcusd200.org (Mariah Koleno)Woodstock High SchoolWHS Spec Ed Resource Teacher815-338-4370
CKoltz@wcusd200.org (Carol Koltz)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Math Teacher815-334-2100
RKondritz@wcusd200.org (Rosemary Kondritz)Mary Endres ElementaryEndres 5th Gr Tchr815-337-8177
kkopp@wcusd200.org (Kathleen Kopp)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood Assoc. - LRC815-337-8173
skozlowski@wcusd200.org (Sarah Kozlowski)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS Spec Ed CC Tchr815-337-5200
dkraneman@wcusd200.org (Dawn Kraneman)Clay AcademyClayAcad Counselor815-337-2529
Robyn KrejchantCreekside Middle SchoolCMS Assoc. - Class815-337-5200
AKrejci@wcusd200.org (Albert Krejci)Woodstock School District 200Mechanic - Head
lkrejci@wcusd200.org (Lou Ann Krejci)Woodstock School District 200Route Driver815-338-4777 
CKremske@wcusd200.org (Cheryl Kremske)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood 3rd Gr Tchr815-648-2606
BKrepel@wcusd200.org (Beate Krepel)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS Clerk Typist815-337-5200
nkreznor@wcusd200.org (Nancy Kreznor)Verda Dierzen Early Learning CenterWestwood Nurse815-337-8173
TKrieger@wcusd200.org (Thomas Krieger)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood 5th Gr Tchr815-648-2606
KKrueger@wcusd200.org (Keely Krueger)Woodstock School District 200Dirctr Grants,Language,Culture815-206-3078
HKruse@wcusd200.org (Herbert Kruse)Woodstock High SchoolWHS Art Teacher815-338-4370
SKrzciuk@wcusd200.org (Sherrie Krzciuk)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Assoc. - SPED to Individu815-334-2100 
akuhn@wcusd200.org (Amy Kuhn)Olson ElementaryOES Art Tchr815-338-0473
kkulpinski@wcusd200.org (Keith Kulpinski)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Assoc. - SPED to Individu815-337-5300
nkunde@wcusd200.org (Nicole Kunde)Verda Dierzen Early Learning CenterDierzen Kindergarten Tchr815-338-8883
mkurka@wcusd200.org (Mary Kurka)Woodstock School Di