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All District 200 employees with email addresses can be found in the following directories.

  • To find an employee at a specific location, first click on the name of the location in the Directory of Schools or Directory of Departments below.
  • Then scroll down to the Directory of Staff and click on the letter of the employee's last name.
  • If the employee's specific location is unknown, go to the Directory of Staff and click on "Entire District" for an alphabetical listing of employees at all locations.
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Note: Employees in district-level positions are listed under "Woodstock School District 200".

Directory of Schools

Directory of Departments

Superintendent's Office
Food Services
Special Services
Bilingual Education
Teaching & Learning
Buildings & Grounds
Health Services
Community Services
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Kids Club

Directory of Staff by Location

EADAMS@wcusd200.org (Elizabeth Adams)Woodstock School District 200Sec. - Assoc. Supt Ed. Svcs815-334-3410 
radams@wcusd200.org (Rebecca Adams)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood 1st Gr Tchr815-648-2606
JAdebayo@wcusd200.org (Jane Adebayo)Verda Dierzen Early Learning CenterDierzen Speech/Language Path815-338-8883
jadler@wcusd200.org (Jacqueline Adler)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS English Teacher815-334-2100 
kafeld@wcusd200.org (Kelly Afeld)Dean Street ElementaryDean Attendance Secretary815-338-1133 
daguilar@wcusd200.org (Daniel Aguilar)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS Dual Tchr815-337-5200
lahrens@wcusd200.org (Lindsey Ahrens)Prairiewood ElementaryPrairie Life Skills Tchr815-337-5300 
DALBRIGHT@wcusd200.org (Denise Albright)Clay AcademyClayAcad Assoc. - SPED Class815-337-2529 
falbright@wcusd200.org (Frankie Albright)Northwood Middle SchoolNWMS Assoc. - LRC815-338-4900 
halcazarpollan@wcusd200.org (Hugo Alcazar Pollan)Prairiewood ElementaryPWE 2nd Gr Dual (Spanish) Tchr815-337-8177
KALDRIDGE@wcusd200.org (Kari Aldridge)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Spec Ed ED Teacher815-338-4370
RAldridge@wcusd200.org (Rebecca Aldridge)Woodstock High SchoolWHS Spec Ed CC Teacher815-338-4370
aalegre@wcusd200.org (Abigail Alegre)Mary Endres ElementaryEndres Attendance Secretary815-338-4900 
MALGRIM@wcusd200.org (Mary Algrim)Olson ElementaryOES Art Tchr815-338-0473 
kallen@wcusd200.org (Karen Allen)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS Assoc. - SPED to Individua815-337-5200 
palvarezdelpozo@wcusd200.org (Prisca Alvarez Del Pozo)Prairiewood ElementaryPrairie Asso - Dual Lang (g)815-338-1133 
jambrosino@wcusd200.org (Joseph Ambrosino)Woodstock High SchoolWHS Science Teacher815-338-4370
Catherine AmundsenWoodstock School District 200Teacher Mentor Coach815-338-8200 
Angela AndersonDean Street ElementaryCUSD 200 
AANDERSON@wcusd200.org (Annie Anderson)Mary Endres ElementaryMEES 1st Gr Dual (English)Tchr815-337-8177 
GANDERSON@wcusd200.org (Gary Anderson)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS Social Worker815-337-5200 
janderson1@wcusd200.org (Jackie Anderson)Verda Dierzen Early Learning CenterDierzen Phy Ed Tchr815-338-8883
MAnderson@wcusd200.org (Michelle Anderson)Woodstock School District 200Dispatcher815-338-4777 
DANDOLINO@wcusd200.org (Deborah Andolino)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS 8th Gr Lang Arts Tchr815-337-5200
manguiano@wcusd200.org (Maria Anguiano)Woodstock School District 200Bilingual Ass't815-334-3406 
maranda@wcusd200.org (Maria Angeles Aranda)Mary Endres ElementaryMEES 5th Gr Dual (Spanish)Tchr815-337-8177
marellano@wcusd200.org (Marisol Arellano)Northwood Middle SchoolNWMS Clerk Typist815-338-4900 
aarias@wcusd200.org (Antonia Arias)Woodstock North High SchoolWNHS Dual Lang. Teacher815-334-2100 
rarmstrong@wcusd200.org (Renee Armstrong)Woodstock School District 200Payroll815-338-8204 
sarnold@wcusd200.org (Sonia Arnold)Prairiewood ElementaryPWE 1st Gr Dual (Spanish) Tchr815-337-5300
SAUGUSTIN@wcusd200.org (Sandra Augustin)Westwood ElementaryWestwood Attendance Secretary815-337-8173 
daustin@wcusd200.org (Dale Austin)Woodstock High SchoolWHS Custodian815-338-1133 
MaAustin@wcusd200.org (Martin Austin)Woodstock School District 200Technology Support Technician815-337-2155 
mavila@wcusd200.org (Mariela Avila)Greenwood ElementaryGreenwood Assoc. - SPED to Ind815-648-2606 
laydin@wcusd200.org (Lisa Aydin)Creekside Middle SchoolCMS Assoc. - SPED to Individua815-337-5200 

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