Woodstock School District 200

Mission, Vision, Core Values & Commitements


Empower learners to reach their educational and personal potential.


Strive for Success:  Continuously grow and improve by achieving our mission so… 

  • Students are equipped to be responsible and accountable for their own learning.
  • Learning opportunities are engaging, differentiated, relevant, inclusive, and powerful.
  • Staff are innovative, collaborative, and passionate about their work and believe in continuous improvement.
  • Families are engaged partners, decision makers, and advocates to ensure their children are growing and successful.

Core Values / Commitments:

  • We believe all students can learn and are entitled to high-quality instruction.  We will set high expectations for student growth and achievement and use critical assessment data and information to provide differentiated instruction, early interventions, and enrichments to support the needs of all learners.
  • We believe that a safe, respectful, and nurturing learning environment promotes the self- confidence necessary for success.  We will model, monitor and ensure student and adult behaviors that contribute to a safe, orderly and positive learning environment.
  • We believe ev